The company was born in the Italy which was trying to rise up from the ashes of World War II. In 1946 Rosmundo Viventi started a workshop in which he put his skills at service of the productive reality of the time, mainly based on agriculture, through the work of maintenance of mechanical parts of agricultural machines. With the entry into society of Alessandro and Mario the company knew a great expansion. Vi20 has started to cover the needs of the mining and ceramic industries which, in the meantime, were developing in the area. Thus it began the production of complete machines such as mills and other equipment for the production of ceramic tableware. This activity was consolidated over time becoming the core business of the company from 70s until the mid-90s. The experience and the know-how acquired in the production and in the maintenance of industrial automation equipment opened the doors, since the early 2000s, for a further expansion of Vi20. The arrival into the company of Fabio and Michele, the third generation of Viventi family, coincided with the expansion of the field of action of the company through the production of assembly lines and machinery for the grain, the household electrical appliance and the paper industry.

Currently Vi20 offers a wide range of products and high quality services in industrial automation. The quality is guaranteed by a company that in 2016 will touch the 70th year of activity. An experienced staff follows the customer meticulously in all phases, from the design, tailored to each request, until the post-sale services. We constantly pursue the philosophy that customer satisfaction is ours as well.